Chinese Lushanjiu Green Tea

My sister just told me how good this tea is and how it helped her to loose wight and am going to try it. thank you.-nahed
Feiyan Green Tea

I havent been taking this tea for about 3 weeks i have lost about half a stone but i also feel alot better in myself i have lost the feeling of bloatedness and seem to have a lot more energy.
- rachel.

Great start to the day- does give a bit of upset tum when you first drink but your tum does settle down quickly and the tea does help with wieght loss.
- kevin.

This tea has definately helped me in reducing some weight but the process for me was very slow. So now i am planning to try the 999 slimming tea and see if this gives me my desired effect faster.
- mahasweta.

Used with a calorie controlled diet - this tea works wonders - I've lost 2stone in 11 weeks, just by having one tea in the evening one in the morning and following with 3 meals a day calorie controlled.
- mileta.

It's the best i ever drink!!!! i feel great. i was drinking every evening and every morning,and it's just great. i can feel my stomac is so light.thanx.
- jelena.

I know that these tea bag work well and help get slim.
- sarah.
Raymon- Chinese Diet Tea
I find this product very mild and assists with weight loss together with diet. It has positive results and I recommend it to everyone.
- hickey
China Brush Delay Solution
This is a good product it helped me to stop my pre mature ejaculation, and there are many reviews on the net about this products. - Nans