Dharba (Darbha) Grass Yoga Mat

Natural Yoga Mat

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Dharba | Darbha Grass Yoga Mat

Dharba | Darbha Grass Yoga Mat

Natural Dharba | Darbha Grass Yoga Mat

Hand woven Dharba | Darbha Grass
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Product description

Natural Dharba (Darbha Grass) Yoga Mat

Natural Yoga Mat

  • Dharba Grass yoga mats are made of pure Darbha grass and cotton cloth.
  • Darbha yoga mat comes with two options, with attached yoga mat and on its own with a separate yoga mat cover.
  • Darbha grass has been conventionally used in asana, prayer and meditation
  • Darbha grass yoga mat creates a relaxing environment for your mind and body.
  • Darbha grass yoga mat features cotton yarns, which are hand woven to hold Darbha grass together with cotton casing to provide comfort for yoga practices.
  • Dharba grass Yoga mats are made up of 100% natural , cotton fabric finish & hand woven.
  • Darbha grass yoga mat is bio-degradable, making it an environmentally friendly unlike PVC or foam based materials.

  • 179cm X 68cm

Natural Yoga Mat Cleaning Instructions
  • If stained, Gently wipe the affected area with clean wet cloth and then sundry or air dry.
  • Dry thoroughly before rolling it back.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals
  • Make use of yoga mat cover for easy carrying and to it keep clean.
  • Cleaning of your yoga mat depends upon the usage and accumulation of dirt/dust on it.

  • Store in a dry, ventilating place with room temperature.

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