Banana Bark Yoga Mat

Natural Yoga Mat

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Banana Bark Yoga Mat with a removable loop that makes it convenient to carry.
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Banana Bark Yoga Mat with a removable carrying strap.
Banana Bark Yoga mat weaved using a handloom
Banana Bark Yoga Mat 183cm X 67cm

Natural Banana Bark yoga mat

Hand woven banana bark
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Product description

Banana Bark Yoga Mat

Natural Yoga Mat

  • Banana bark yoga mat is made of hand woven banana bark.
  • The mat comes with a removable carrying strap that can be used to carry yoga mat.
  • The bark of the banana tree is peeled off and dried in cool shade. Then it is handpicked for colour and texture and rolled into thin strands and woven together in hand loom.
  • Banana bark is known for its cooling effect in general.

  • 183cm X 67cm

Natural Yoga Mat Cleaning Instructions
  • If stained, Gently wipe the affected area with clean wet cloth and then sundry or air dry.
  • Dry thoroughly before rolling it back.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals
  • Make use of yoga mat cover for easy carrying and to it keep clean.
  • Cleaning of your yoga mat depends upon the usage and accumulation of dirt/dust on it.

  • Store in a dry, ventilating place with room temperature.

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